Entertainment Industry Insights

We conduct research studies at a macro level to help the industry keep pace with trends and the changing audience.

​Audience evolving needs and behaviors

Audiences are consuming at the top of their preference level these days, not just watching whatever is on. Do you know what kind of content your audience is craving? Do you know what the warning signs are that their engagement is fading?

Brand health for entertainment and media

The entertainment industry needs to be closer to the audience now more than ever, and brand marketing is critical. Does your entertainment brand have meaning to your audience? Does it curate content successfully for them? Do you know what levers you can pull to drive acquisition and retention?

The health of theatrical and other channels

Audience channel preferences are fragmenting daily. How much is SVOD cannibalizing not just DVD but also theatrical? What impact are piracy and new technologies like blockchain having on traditional channels?

​Industry trends and analysis

There is more data than ever on audiences but not enough insight. We analyze large data samples to identify widespread patterns affecting the commercial dynamics of the entertainment industry. Do you know what the box office takings are really telling us about where the zeitgeist is heading?

Building holistic entertainment experiences

Audiences’ attention has more demands on it than ever, making reaching them with your message more difficult. Do you know how to connect with your audience in a way that is meaningful to them? Are your comms working as hard as they could be? Are your CX, UX and BX as engaging as they need to be?