Story + Audience Testing

We enhance the creative process by engaging the target audience throughout the lifecycle of a project. This can be applied for different storytelling formats and narratives across film, TV, gaming, VR/AR and online platforms.

Audience Finder Concept Test

Quantitative testing the concept and cast of the project to inform greenlighting decisions and understand who are the primary and secondary target audiences.

Title Test

Running naming generator workshops and testing name alternatives for the project that drive maximum audience interest and appeal.

Franchise Health Test

Evaluating audiences’ relationship with an existing movie franchise to understand how to position future releases to broaden the audience, reclaim lapsed fans and drive viewing potential.


Script and beat level co-creation workshops with the creatives and the target audience to understand key iconic moments of the script, characters, any confusion and how to optimize.

Real-Time Screen Test

Real-time quantitative feedback on emotional engagement while watching the film rough-cut or TV pilot, with in-depth group discussions (8-10 people in each) to deliver combined rich insights to the creative team to inform the final edit.

Marketing Materials Test

Audience workshops to test and refine promotional materials such as the trailer and artwork, to ensure they resonate with the audience and that the messaging strategy drives maximum engagement.

Media Spend Optimization

Audience analysis to target P&A and marketing spend to those audiences most likely to convert into box office and other revenues.